Veteran’s Week

Chubster Nation,
It’s no secret that one of the most important things to us here at Chubbies is supporting this great nation. Our shorts are made in America, our jobs reside here, and we always strive to honor the men and women who have selflessly sacrificed so much to protect this country and guarantee our freedom: 

America’s troops and veterans. 
These heroes among us deserve a level of respect, praise, and gratitude that can neither be quantified nor communicated through the words we write here. No matter how hard we try, we can never express sufficient appreciation for the freedom and opportunities their actions have provided for us and the rest of this amazing country.
Here in the WeekENDER we commonly talk about all the backflipping, 500 pound squatting, backboard shattering, and bacon eating we do on a daily basis. And don’t get us wrong, those are the primary mechanisms through which we crush things like communism and the work week into oblivion. Our thoughts are, if it isn’t ridiculous and enjoyable, then why even bother? But we also understand that the only reason we can even ask ourselves this question is because of the brave individuals, who VOLUNTEER their services to our military with the singular goal of keeping you, us, our friends, and our families safe.
Our nation’s finest have been protecting the values laid out by our forefathers more than 200 years ago, and are now nationally honored only one day a year: Veteran’s day. Quite frankly, this ain’t gonna cut it. It’s our responsibility as both a company and as Americans to treat the sacrifices they make for all of us more seriously.

So in this week leading up to Veteran’s Day, in support of these freedom-dealing badasses, we’re going to be doing a few things. First, for every pair of shorts purchased from Tuesday November 5th until 11:59 pm on November 11th, we’re going to be donating $5 to a charity that supports our veterans and active service members.To do so we’ve partnered up with two of the best organizations out there: 

The Special Operation Warriors Foundation - The SOWF was founded in 1980 to provide support and assistance to personnel serving in the U.S. Special Operations Command. It is a phenomenal non-profit charity that provides seriously wounded soldiers with immediate financial assistance to ensure that their loved ones can be bedside with them during their recovery. They also offer college scholarships to family members of Special Operations soldiers who have lost their life in the line of duty. You can learn more about SOWF here or donate directly to them here.

Operation Gratitude - A non-profit organization that seeks to lift morale in the Military Community by delivering care packages to active service members deployed overseas, their children left behind, and veterans, first responders, wounded warriors, and their caregivers. On December 7th they will be celebrating the assembly and shipment of their One Millionth package. Truly inspiring. Every $15 donated to OG is enough to send one care package out to a heroic service member in need. You can learn more about Operation Gratitude here or donate directly to them here. *Note all donations will be split equally between the two charity organizations.

Consider it Veteran’s Week. Our goal is to donate literally as much money as we can to these awesome organizations, but what would be really radical is if we could send 500 care packages and fund a college scholarship for a SOWF student. We’ll hit you with daily updates so we can all monitor our progress and get funky together.

The second part of Veteran’s Week is creating the most radical set of tributes to veterans, ever. To make this happen we’re going to need the full awesomeness of Chubster Nation to rear its fire-breathing head. 

We want you to send us any sweet photos, videos, or stories of veterans and active military personnel to our email address: If you’ve got any grandpas, uncles, aunts, fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers, buddies, or second cousin’s nephew’s godparents who’ve served, get their story to us, and we’ll get it into our tribute. We can’t say exactly what we’ve got in store, but we want to highlight all of those incredible veterans and current troops who have impacted Chubster Nation. It goes without saying, this is very important to us.

Together we can begin to repay the military badasses that have sacrificed so much to protect the freedom we enjoy everyday. Let’s get it done Chubster Nation.

Sky’s out, Thighs out,
Andrew “The Legsecutioner” Zappala and The Chubsters

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